FOROSTINA.K promo codes for discounts you can see in advertising, receive in mailing lists and in the FOROSTINA.K social networks.

Under no circumstances is FOROSTINA.K is not responsible for promotional codes posted on third-party resources that are not related to FOROSTINA.K, and does not guarantee the performance of such promotional codes.
Support staff is not allowed to issue promotional codes to customers.

Each promo code has predefined conditions:

The term of activation of the promotional code.

For example, you can activate a promo code from October 1 to October 10. After the end of the activation period, you can no longer use the promotional code.

One promo code is valid for one purchase.

For example, a 20% discount is valid for one purchase made within 1 day from the moment the promo code was activated.

One promo code can be activated by one customer only once.

Reuse of the same promo code by the same customer is not possible.

I cannot activate the promo code on the site

Error: Invalid coupon code entered

If when activating a promo code you receive an error message «The entered coupon code is incorrect», carefully check the code you received and the symbols entered in the activation form. Often, when activating codes, our users confuse lowercase characters G and Q, L and i, i and L, i and j, U and V, 9 and g with each other, if they enter the code manually.

Error: You have already activated this coupon

If, when activating the code, the message «You have already activated this coupon» appears - this means that you actually activated this promo code earlier, for example, by indicating it in a special form during registration.