The buyer has the right to refuse the goods if they have not yet been transferred to the transport company. To do this, please contact us at the number: +7 (932) 111-27-25 or e-mail in online chat .

The cost of shipping the return of the goods of appropriate quality to the buyer does not return.

You can return a product of proper quality within 7 days from the date of receipt of the order when purchasing in the online store, with the exception of m earrings. The earrings are made of 925 sterling silver, therefore, according to the approved Resolution No. 55 of 1998, items made of precious metals (gold, silver) and precious stones (diamonds, emeralds, etc.) are not subject to return and exchange, being of proper quality. ... In this case, you can return other pieces of jewelry that are eligible for a return, minus the cost of the earrings.

Contact us WhatsApp on number +7 (932) 111-27-25 or an e - mail:, and we will help you perform this procedure as easy and convenient!

Our managers will contact you and help you arrange the return of the goods. You just have to send it to us.

GOT a defective product?

If you suddenly find a product of inadequate quality (factory defect) in the parcel, we will refund your funds.

In order for us to be convinced of the presence of a factory defect or an error during transportation, we need to obtain confirmation of this fact. For this enough to make a photo / video and send us in any way you like, for example in WA at the number: +7 (932) 111-27-25 or an e - mail:


On all jewelry purchased from the FOROSTINA.K retail store and in the FOROST online store, 1 month warranty applies.

Each delivery of new jewelry is made only with the participation of the store director. All products in our store have been carefully selected. FOROSTINA.K command tries to make you 100 % satisfied with our products. In our catalog you can find only the highest quality and hypoallergenic products. Each shipment undergoes multiple checks.

Our customers are satisfied with the purchased products in 99% of cases.